About Us

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Dawn Rescue does exactly what it says on the tin!*

We rescue people, and at dawn! (Well, actually we work at night, because of course we’re dealing with a nocturnal people, they’re a bit like vampires in that respect, and other respects too. But as they stagger out into the streets in the early hours, tearful and broken after encountering us, the dawn breaks as a new day begins and our “rescueees” are born anew!) We did toy with the name ‘Twilight Rescue’ but we thought that sounded like a euthanasia clinic for the elderly, and that’s not what we do at all! No, our clientele are very much in the youth bracket.

We are currently saving souls across london, but particularly in Soho, (we really have our hands full in Old Compton Street, as you can imagine!) We shall soon be expanding our base of operations to Brighton, and thence to the Canal Street area of Manchester. So we’re desperately looking for new volunteers to help us in these districts!

*There is no tin, this is a turn of phrase.