Oscar Wilde WAS Jack The Ripper!

Much excitement and jubilation here at Dawn Rescue towers as we can finally report that our very own Dan Erpingham’s opus The Importance Of Being Jack: Nothing To Declare But His Evil Genius has finally been accepted for publication and will appear in both hardback and e-book in early 2013!!!

This groundbreaking work reveals conclusively how the infamous Whitechapel murders of 1888 (commonly referred to as the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders) were in fact the work of notorious aesthete, dandy and ‘gay icon’ Oscar Wilde. Not convinced? You will be once you’ve read this eye-opening tome! From the fact that Wilde’s own father was a surgeon to Wilde’s socialism, homosexuality and hatred of conventional morality, plus the multiple references to his murders contained in his works, (see our page on The Importance of Being Jackhttp://www.dawnrescue.com/?page_id=21) the evidence is overwhelming.

The result of several weeks hard work in which I can testify that Dan made daily visits to the library to conduct his meticulous research* we’re ecstatic that finally the truth will out. Dan will also be conducting a speaking tour at various bookshops and lecture halls to publicise The Importance of Being Jack when its published by Dawn Rescue books early next year.

(*He’d had to go the library as our internet at home had gone down for a couple of weeks last summer, and they give you an hour’s free internet a day at the library. One of the perks of socialism I suppose, ho hum.)

2 comments on “Oscar Wilde WAS Jack The Ripper!

  1. OMG! Oskar Wild was Jack da ripper? Fuck, man, u blow my mind, all make sence now! I gonna be tellin everyone dis shit spread word aroun so peoples now my teacher at skool made us read Selfish Giant, kids should know they be reading JACK THE RIPPER!

  2. Jack the ripper walk on said:

    Do not act like this man. If you know this mystery then you should know there are lots of suspects but still mystery is not resolved that who was Jack the ripper.

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