Whenever Two Men Have Sex- A Baby Dies!

Think about it!

Here’s a little mathematical equation for you; homosexuality is the opposite of heterosexuality. Therefore does it not then logically follow that if heterosexual intercourse creates life, then homosexual intercourse must have the exact opposite effect and destroy life? Well of course it stands to reason, doesn’t it? Its pure scientific fact, and as the ‘atheists’ are always wont to remind us, “you can’t argue with science!!”

This incontrovertible evidence of infanticide doesn’t persuade you? Maybe you are one of those people who celebrates abortion as a ‘lifestyle choice’!

2 comments on “Whenever Two Men Have Sex- A Baby Dies!

  1. Professor William Henry Fitzmaurice of Oxford University on said:

    The evidence is irrefutable, your logic is indeed faultless, (and I say that as a highly regarded professor of logic at England’s famous Oxford University!). Until a moment ago I was a liberal who believed gay people posed no harm to society and thus deserved equal rights, but the mote has fallen from my eyes and I see the truth, you’ve really changed my mind with this post. Well done my dear fellows!

  2. Why thank you, Professor! Glad to be of service!

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