Recruitment Day- Saturday the 15th September!

Yes, it’s that time again! We’re having one of our recruitment days to meet new members on Saturday the 15th of September, 2pm. Meet by the “diplodocus” in the main hall at the Natural History Museum, (“tail” end). Why there? Well, because it’s the Cathedral of Secularist Darwinian Mumbo-Jumbo, is it not? So where better?


(I say “diplodocus” in inverted commas because of course it’s so blatantly a made up, fictional creation- clearly just a bunch of rocks strung together to look like the sort of ludicrous monster Tolkien or CS Lewis would have rejected at the planning stage for being too implausible. I mean, come on scientists, you’re seriously telling us those are meant to be bones? Bones aren’t black, THEY’RE WHITE!!! Oh, and apparently scientists say dinosaurs had feathers now- have you heard that? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, SCIENTISTS- you said they were scaly a while ago, then you said they walked upright, then you said they didn’t, I mean, it’s almost like, I dunno, like YOU’RE MAKING IT ALL UP AS YOU GO ALONG!!!! Hilarious, and they have the gall to accuse us of being “irrational” and believing in “fairy stories.”)

4 comments on “Recruitment Day- Saturday the 15th September!

  1. Randall99 on said:

    Gonna be there, deffo! CANNOT WAIT!!! : )

  2. Obama Is A Muslim Sleeper Cell on said:

    Aww man, wish I could make it over to you guys, stuck here in Texas. One day, dudes, one day! Will be there in spirit. xxx

  3. Smudgie on said:

    I gunna B there 2! whoa, and dinosaurs not reel? U blow my mind agen! Jurassic park be lying to us thought so like mo0on landings and they aint really sent that curisosity ship to mars, it sending back pictures from desert in californya where they filmed Star Trek an all that, only they put colord sellaphane over camra make it look all red we got shown how to do that in skool 1ce by art teachert! Im onta ther shit!

  4. Professor William Henry Fitzmaurice of Oxford University on said:

    Unfortunately one is up to one’s eyeballs in marking and tutorials here so shan’t be able to hot foot it along next Saturday (and I fear am a bit too “long in the tooth” to be of much utility in your august organisation), but do send some of your recruits down here, they are much needed! There are quite a few young chaps in the quads and cloisters of England’s famous Oxford University who could do with the Dawn Rescue treatment! Keep up the stirling good work, my fine fellows!

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